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Sunday, 11 October 2009

Just words

This is my last blog for a couple of weeks, Kev will remove and pack my computer for our house move in 5 days.
I have packed my craft room, I sit in an empty room, everything is in storage.
We wrapped my house in bubblewrap, and struggled to get it out the room and downstairs, my placid hubby muttering the whole time, I forgot how big and heavy the house was. Thank goodness in the new place it will be in a ground floor room. I did start to take photo's, but decided they looked too sad.
All my project room boxes have been packed and stored. I use cheap mansizes tissues to wrap all the accessories, and placed everything into tins, so they would not be crushed.
I can't make my mind up, for the unpacking of Somerset house is it going to be fun or the biggest chore going. I think I will be looking at old bloggs on here to check the layout of each room. I have decided not to change any rooms at this point.
My plan is to leave the craft room in storage for 3-4 weeks, by that time the big house should be straightish, them I will have time for miniatures. Well that's my plan.
For the next week it's cleaning, firstly this house and then the new bungalow, I say it's new but it was built in the 1930's.
I can't wait to be in, this move has dragged on for too long. So I sit here looking out the window at the garden, hopping the new owners will love it as much. I am looking forward to see what will grow in my new garden, I have loads of shrubs from this garden in pots.

I will follow yous bloggs from my work computer, and wee see you all again in our new adventure.


  1. Marlene, good luck with the move. How sad, not to see your house and minis for all that time. Just think though. It will be like Christmas when you start unpacking and putting everything back in place. We will miss you. Hurry back!

  2. Good luck with the move - hope it all goes smoothly and that you get back to your miniatures as soon as possible.

  3. Best of Luck with your move - may it go very smoothly. You are wise to leave the craft room and dollhouse untill you are settled in the big house. That way you can really relax and enjoy setting it all up again. It will be like it is brand new all over again and you will rediscover some things that you forgot about.


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