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Sunday, 25 April 2010


Today is another sunny day and I have been working in our garden, you can follow that tale on my second blog here. Now I am back inside I went looking for signs of spring in my mini world.

The small boat is found near my beach house, and there are always seagulls around, I often see them on the boat, we have a couple of resident ducks, they move around alot, but these two are always together.

Under the eves on the beach hut there is a nest. there was nothing at my bird feeder today, you can see it at the back of this picture, it hangs on the other side of the beach house.

In the back yard of my kitchen there are a couple or Robins, one is on the fence and the other is by the nest in the old boot. I think I should spend time here cleaning up the yard, all the flowers are dead!


  1. I love your use of birds. I have often thought of trying to paint those white birds that you can buy for cake decorating and use them in my scenes.

  2. This is so sweet! It's spring all over here in Nova Scotia, about a month earlier than usual :) I haven't looked for signs around my minis, but I must do that ...

  3. lately I have been done some birds too. Yours are really beautiful. My favourite is the one with the nest!
    Lovely boat too.

  4. What sweet little birds! They really add a sense of life to your mini scenes. The little robins are my favorite. I've been spending lots of time working in my garden, too, but it's starting to get almost too hot to work outside here. I take summers off to rest up for fall, our second gardening season! How is your arm? - better, I hope.

  5. Wonderful...I love the little nesting bird.

    It is details like this that make scenes really stand out.


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