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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Hats off, what a mess

I have not done much mini's in the past couple of months, and as you can see my house is a bit of a mess, or a dumping ground for all my junk!

Today I have decided I am going to plan my days, to give me time for everything, I am a stay at home lady at this time and whilst my health is not great, I find the days pass so quickly and I have not done much. So I want to have a couple of "mini afternoons" as well as doing what I can in the house and my cross stitch and gardening.
My first plan is to tidy the front and inside of the house, then make the attics, I know what rooms I want there and have the supplies to make and decorate this floor.

I wanted to show you this top hat I have made, its not the best but for my 1st try I am pleased with it, it sits on the table in the hall.

I cheated for the inside lining, when I make hats the first thing I do is use wonder web to attach the inner lining to the outer material of the hat, with ladies hats the material is always the same, with the top hat I used a light silk inside and the black silk for the outer.I then cut out the pattern,I find this much easier, but your cutting out has to be the best.

With the ladies hat, I just trim all the cut edges with decoration to hide any faults, I do not sew I glue, and find the results much better.

This hand made bonnet I brought at a fair, I am unable to make anything this fine.

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  1. Your attempts at making those hats turned out very well. You did a nice job - however I love that cute little bonnet. I wish I could make that!


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