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Saturday, 5 March 2011

Ralph Keemar

I don't buy magazines anymore, I have so many in my stash, and alot of things whilst nice to read, do not help towards the building of my house. My favorite magazine has always been Dollshouse World, I was browsing in W H Smith's yesterday, and looked at this months issue.

I was so pleased to see this article on Ralph's shop and flat, I have never met Ralph, but when his shop was featured a couple of years ago,Issue 146, I was impressed by his standard of work, he made the shop as a stand alone box, but always promised he would make a flat to go above. I was very keen to see how it would look. Ralph does not buy much, he makes most of what you see, and he is very good!
This copy will go on my bookshelf with the copy with his shop in, they are too good to be stored in a drawer with all the other copies.

I have been listing loads of my dollhouse books on e-bay, I have so many, and alot of them I have finished with, so I thought I would see if they would sell. The one's that don't sell I will take to our local Sue Rider shop, it's a charity shop, but they sell dollshouses. But don't worry I still have loads of books left. I can't live without books for me to read and use.

I have not forgot I have promised a giveaway, I want to finish my Tigerskin rug as part of the goodies, so watch this space sometime next week I will reveal all.


  1. That shop is wonderful. I should be looking for this issue of the magazine. What is your ebay seller name? I would love to see what books you are selling. Thanks

  2. This is a fabulous shop indeed, so much so it looks real. I love the brick work , it's some of the very best and most realistic I've seen.

    Are you sure you want to sell the magazine with it in it! lol

    Michelle xxx

  3. I love Ralph Keemar's work as well even though I have only seen it in magazines, it has so much life in it!


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