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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Bright Idea's

 Fliss and I spent time together on Sunday

As always we had a long look at the house, Fliss is very good for idea's, in my sitting room I have had a rug made from woven material, I have never seen a pattern or a ready made rug for in here. Fliss took the large table cloth shown in my last blog and laid it on the floor, and now you see my new rug. It looks great, I am thinking about putting a coloured lining to give it depth.

My stash from the local show is poor, two reason's, my house has most of what I need, it will be never finished, secondly there were only 23 sellers at the show, and most were small and loads of hand made items. We did not have one big seller there, and only had three tables of which I loved the standard.  It's a vicious circle we have, poor attendance stops the good sellers going to the smaller loacl shows, and then poor displays stop people going.


  1. Muy buena idea, se ve preciosa la alfombra . un saludo

  2. Your rug looks amazing - would never have thought of trying that:) You got some bits n pieces from the show. Is that a squirrel ?

  3. This carpet is really nice in the room, perfectly matches the upholstery of chairs and sofa.
    As for your purchases, I understand everything; perilous, I live on an island and I think I'm the only resident involved with miniatures, you think how sad ...
    W internet :-)
    Mini hugs, Flora

  4. The rug looks sweet. Nice color too!

  5. yep it is a squirrel, got it for the beach house, was pricy, but I do love the squirrels in our garden.


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