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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Table cloths

 I have done a bit of shopping, these are all made by Chris Sims, she sells on e-bay.

 Her prices are very good, and her work is tiny, using mainly silk.

 She will make for you, any colour or size.

 So now my house has enough table clothes of every size and shape.

I have done nothing on the mini side of things, I have my railings ready to be fitted, I still unable to decide how to finish the pavement outside my house. We have a local show at Portsmouth next weekend, but the sellers list is only 23, and I was hoping Peter Clarke would be there, not sure if I will go. I need inspiration.


  1. Absolutely superb shopping :-)
    Mini hugs, Flora

  2. Lovely pieces, really pretty colours!

  3. They will look so good in Somerset House! Cannot wait to see them in action.
    I am still having trouble with blogger - I dont know what will happen once I try to post this here.


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