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Friday, 5 August 2011

Another rug

 Hot off my needles

I love stitching this design, Christine says she would use it for a pink room or 1940's themed project, I hope she likes it and finds a happy home for it. For me the hardest part is doing the fringing, but this rug does not look right with out the fringing.

I have been off this week, I have had abscess, with a swollen and painful mouth, which has enabled me to finish this rug so quickly. No mini's at this time, not able to stand for long and most of the building work  I need to stand to finish.

Christine please e-mail me your address, the rug is waiting for you.


  1. What a beautiful rug. It must have taken ages to do, I love the colours.Is the fringing done by hand?

  2. What a lovely piece of work Marlene. I like the colours and Christine will be thrilled to receive it, I'm sure.

    I hope your mouth feels better soon. Abscesses are horrible things to have to deal with.

  3. The rug is beautiful im sure Christine will love it a lot of hard work has gone into it great job.

  4. It's beautiful, Marlene, great job! I'm sure Christine will love it. My mom used the same pattern to make a rug for me (about 35 years ago!), it's one of my greatest mini treasures: http://treefeathers.com/gallery/carpet/Carpet.html

    - Grace

  5. What a beautiful rug you made. Hope the abces has drained and starts to heal.
    Miniature greetings

  6. Congratulations Christine! What a beautiful rug!
    Love the design!

  7. It's very beautiful Marlene!!!

  8. Christine is lucky! Very beautiful rug!

  9. Oh my goodness! I don't know how I missed this post. The rug is so beautiful! I had actually thought that you had become sidetracked or didn't have time and I didn't like to ask. I now hope that you haven't given up on me and found a new owner. I can't find the link to email you and since our last emails I have had to replace my computer and lost all email addresses, so please contact me. Thank you, Christine

    1. Please e-mail me at marlenejjones@gmail.co.uk, I will send to you your rug, I still have it here.

  10. This is beautiful! I love the design and the colours you chose are so pretty together. Lucky Christine!


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