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Saturday, 17 September 2011

What to do

This is me,  I have not done any minis for so long, Somerset House is at a stand still, I still have not put up the railings, I have all I need except the desire to get it done.

I have been thinking about if I will finish Somerset House, or just store all the stuff from inside and pass the house on. I have no suggestions to what I would replace it with, or even if I will be without a house.  My dear hubby says "leave it where it is, you can always do it when you have the desire again", so that's what I have done.

I do feel guilty when I see the house each time I come into my office, but at this time I am getting so little pleasure from it. I went to a show earlier this year to bring back the mini buzz, but the show was so poor, not enough good makers.

Can you suggest any good sites, places to visit to fire it all up again................


  1. Hello Marlene! do not be discouraged, sometimes it can happen that there is a loss of enthusiasm ... also happens to me, and then we look the other way, make another hobby to distract us ...
    I could show you many links from which to take inspiration, but sometimes I look at those better than me, and I feel depressed, why not be able to do the same: ((
    This is a job that takes your brain every day, it becomes almost an illness, perhaps it is good to get away for a while, for some time ... if it is true love, then love back!
    mini hugs from Italy!

  2. Sometimes you need a break from it and then when you are ready you will go back to it. Have you tried, of all things, the Dolls House Emporium forum ? Some good inspiration on there and they are a friendly and helpful crowd of people. Some of them have their own blogs too. It's quite a busy forum as well.

  3. Sorry to hear you've lost your mini mojo. I'm sure it'll come back soon enough. I usually trawl through blogs for inspiration - it's amazing what you can find when you're not really looking for it!

  4. I say buy another house! :D Leave the Somerset a while and I'm sure it will call you back.

    I found that trying something in a different scale helped my ideas to start flowing again...

    You just finished are BIG project. Your beautiful little rug! Your eyes probably need this break! :D

    We'll be here when you get back.

  5. Hang in there..."This too shall pass!"

    Just like writers get writer's block, we miniaturists get creator's block from time to time. Nothing to stress over, just go on to other things for the present, and one day your interest will reawaken.

    I have about 50 projects started, so don't feel overwhelmed. : )

    We shall all await patiently and be thrilled for you when that day comes.

    Mega mini hugs.

  6. I echo the thoughts of those before me. We all get the 'blahs' at times. I too suggest you just leave it for a while, don't stress, just go on with something else for now and your mini mojo will probably come back. I am like Minteriors - I also have about 50 projects started - no exaggeration - and will get to them, or not, when the time is right or I have the room. Meanwhile I find that starting a new project or else doing something completely different and often non-mini helps.

  7. I'd say hang in there too. :) Earlier this year I could have tossed my cottage in the bin very happily, then in August I decided to do a less complicated dolls house project and found I fell in love with Hollyhock Cottage again. Now I have 2 unfinished houses but lots of enthusiasm again.

    I'll second My Wee Life's suggestion of the Dolls House Emporium forum. If you are interested in seeing my new quick and easy and unfinished project - a patchwork shop, there is a thread there. "http://www.dollshouseforum.com/home-sweet-home-gallery/8681-bluebirds-bumblebees-patchwork-quilting.html" (just that I know you enjoy patchwork. :) )

  8. Sometimes i get a miniblock too but then i start on a little miniproject, like the hobbycorner i am now working on or a vignette and then the sparks come back. A dollshouse don't have to be finnished in a year, it is a hobby that you can do in your own tempo.Maybe let it rest for a couple of months and you will feel like creating again.
    Good luck


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